The boats are always equipped according to the user’s requirements and they are always delivered ready for use – even readily inspected if necessary. Our selection of accessories include many ready-made solutions suited for most purposes, solutions that have been proven to be good.

  Diver ladders, Stainless, telescopic
  Fixing point, flush type  
  Groove pair, separate
  Steering console 700PE  
  Canvas cover for 700PE  
  Boat tower  
  Work light led  
  Box 1100, aluminum  
  Box 600, aluminum  
  Cupseat Comfort
  Folding chair 1000, aluminum
  Jerrycan holder  
  Boathook, aluminum  
  Spineboard rack for railing  
  Echo sounder holder, short  
  Hooks for rescue rope on sides  
  Pump intake pipe
  Engine shield  
  Aft platform catamaran with ladders  
  Eyes on aft platform for tow rope  
  Center console with roof CCR  
  Side console, aluminum, type 800C
  Canvas walls for center console  
  Folding chair 1 m, Polyethen
  Life buoy holder  
  Diver bottle holder  
  Searchlight holder  
  Anchor box with lid  
  Anchor box polyethen & Line roll  
  Exhaust trough hole  
  Removable railing mount
  Slide Cleat  
  Wire rope for railing
  Baywatch buoy holder  
  Nautical Chart Compartment